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Celebrity Spotting of the Week! Calathea Makoyana

Calathea Makoyana (AKA Peacock Plant) was seen at one of Orlando's major theme parks. Calathea Makoyana tried disguising herself in one of the latest designer pots, but to no avail.  Everyone…
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Sunshine Horticulture Live Availability

[easy_media_download url="" text="Download Excel & PDF Here" width="300" color="green" target="_blank"] After clicking on this link select "File" from the menu bar and then find "Download As". From there select which format…
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Canna Cannanova Series

Cannanova Canna Lilies are now available at Sunshine Horticulture!  Four great colors, red with burgundy foliage, rose, yellow and red with green foliage, available in 72 cell trays. All of these…
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