Homalomena Sunshine Gem

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This selection of Homalomena was discovered in our Apopka, FL facility and selected for its unique characteristics. Homalomena ‘Sunshine Gem’ has photoperiodic foliage a unique characteristic that causes the plant’s new foliage to change color with the seasons.

In the long days the foliage is a dark green then as the days become shorter the foliage emerges with a fluorescent chartreuse color making for a spectacular show during the winter months. Additionally, hidden beneath this beautiful head of foliage are stems with pink highlights to surprise those who take a peek.

This plant has a wonderful tight growth habit with a terrific growth rate; finishing a 6” pot in 20-24 weeks and an 8” pot in 28-32 weeks. This Homalomena will perform as well outdoors as it does indoors.

Tray Size/ Liner Dimension: 72 cell 

Pest & Disease:

Grow Time per Pot Size:

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