Moonshine Elegance: A Guide to Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ Care and Beauty

January 23, 2024

Moonshine Elegance: A Guide to Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ Care and Beauty

Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’, deemed one of the rarest Ficus species (though quite common in our greenhouses at Sunshine Horticulture), is affectionately known as the Moonshine Rubber Tree, owing to its captivating moonlight-like appearance.  This sought-after houseplant is cherished for its alluring foliage, featuring glossy, broad leaves adorned with a striking variegation pattern in shades of green, cream, and pink, creating a visually stunning and vibrant display.

Here are some notable characteristics and care guidelines for Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’:


The leaves of Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ are sizable, elliptical, and possess a leathery texture, measuring several inches in length.  Variegation patterns may vary, but they often showcase splashes of cream or pink against a predominantly green background.  The glossy texture of the foliage enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

Light Requirements:

Thriving in bright, indirect light, Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ can tolerate some shade but should be shielded from direct sunlight to prevent leaf scorching.


Similar to other Ficus elastica varieties, ‘Shivereana’ prefers consistently moist yet well-draining soil.  It's crucial to allow the top inch of the soil to dry between watering sessions to prevent overwatering and potential root rot.  Adjust the watering frequency based on the plant's specific needs and environmental conditions.

Temperature and Humidity:

Preferring warm and humid conditions, Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ flourishes in average room temperatures ranging from 60 to 75°F (15 to 24°C).  Regular misting or placing a humidity tray nearby can help maintain adequate humidity levels, particularly in drier environments.

Pruning and Maintenance:

Pruning is recommended to maintain the desired shape and size of the plant.  Trim any leggy or overgrown stems to promote bushier growth.  Applying a liquid foliar fertilizer after pruning encourages lateral buds to break, leading to more vegetative branches and a fuller plant.  Wiping the leaves with a damp cloth keeps them free from dust and enhances the plant's appearance.


Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ can be propagated through stem cuttings.  Take a cutting with at least a few inches of stem, ensuring it has a node, and root it in water or a well-draining potting mix.


It's important to note that Ficus elastica species, including ‘Shivereana’, are mildly toxic if ingested. Keep them out of reach of pets and small children.


Ficus elastica ‘Shivereana’ not only serves as a visually striking indoor plant but is also a relatively low-maintenance choice for plant enthusiasts.  With proper care, it can thrive and bring a touch of elegance to any indoor space.  As a symbol of peace and abundance, placing one near the entrance can add more than just beauty but a positive energy to your space.